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  • Syria uprising intensifies, spills into Lebanon ..-


  • Annan leaves Syria, dozens die as fighting rages

    UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan left Damascus on Sunday without managing to secure an accord to end bloodletting in Syria, as fighting raged in major flashpoints leaving dozens more dead. Annan departed at the end of a two-day mission during which he said he presented President Bashar al-Assad with "concrete proposals" to halt unrest monitors say has claimed more than 8,500 lives since.. . .


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  • Agency Calls for $69.8 Million for Drought-Stricken Sahel

    In a news release, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said that at least 15 million people are estimated to be at risk of food insecurity in countries in the Sahel, including 5.4 million people in Niger, three million in Mali, 1.7 million in Burkina Faso and 3.6 million in Chad, as well as hundreds of thousands in Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritania.

  • Dakar mayor's detention raises political tension

    The detention of Barth?lemy Diaz, the mayor of Sicap Baobab Mermoz a district of Dakar has triggered a serious political tension in Senegal. Police and youth wing of various opposition parties clash in a City Hall in the Senegalese capital Dakar over protracted detention of Mayor Barth?lemy Diaz beyond the 48 hours limit.

  • Truck Maker Volvo Swings to Deep Loss

    The Swedish truck maker posted a worse-than-expected net loss amid weak sales, but said demand appears to have bottomed out at a low level.

  • Demand in Asia Helps Herme`s Sales

  • Spanish Prosecutor to Appeal Alierta Ruling

  • Acta protests break out as EU states sign up to treaty

  • Sex tourism definitely does not happen in the resorts

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      South Sudanese flee to escape deadly ethnic vendetta

      The UN is warning villagers to run for their lives as some 6,000 fighters advance on their ethnic rivals. Fighters from the Lou Nuer ethnic group are pursuing members of the Murle community, reports say, as a deadly vendetta over cattle raiding continues.



    • Seoul sees chance for better ties with North Korea

      South Korea sees an opportunity for better relations with North Korea as its new leader takes power, President Lee Myung-Bak said Monday, while vowing to respond strongly to any provocations.
      "Our biggest goal is the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula


    • Ghanaian social entrepreneur picks UN award

      Kwaku has been using his holistic education from Valley View University and talents to contribute to Ghana?s green economy through his Recnowa Initiative www.recnowa.org which he co-founded with three young enterprising Ghanaians. The project is contributing to the fight against the plastic waste menace in Ghana by up-cycling waste into high fashion

    Style Life

    • Sex tourism definitely does not happen in the resorts

      Tourism officials in the Maldives on Monday denied that health spas at luxury holiday resorts operate as brothels and sought legal redress to squash the government orders to shut the facilities.Last week the tourism ministry instructed resort hotels across the nation's coral islands to close all spas and health centres offering beauty treatments and massages. The crackdown followed protests by an Islamist party that claimed they were a front for prostitution. .


    • [Yahoo]

      The Finest Google Earth Easter Eggs

      The Verge's Jamie Keene pointed us to a brand new Google Earth Easter egg: a Morrissey reference in front of the Salford Lads Club. To break the programming monotony, the computer geeks over at Google like to put inside jokes in their creations, known as Easter Eggs. For Google Earth, however.


    • Blissful living in Central Europe

      Ignorance is bliss, so they say. That should make Central Europe the happiest place on the planet in 2012, because as governments, analysts and the wider population try to gauge the depth and impact of the building crisis in the Eurozone, it's clear that no-one knows anything. Apart from the Hungarians of course, who know that everyone's out to get them..


    • [Andrew Flintoff celebrates]

      Eurozone manufacturing decline persists, PMI survey says

      Mike Activity in the eurozone manufacturing sector fell for the fifth successive month in December, but showed a slight improvement on the previous month, a closely-watched survey suggests. The Markit eurozone manufacturing PMI was 46.9, up from November's 28-month low of 46.4. Any score under 50 represents a contraction.

    • [PJ-AQ547_SP_TOU_A_20090720182506.jpg]

      Catfights and Coups at the Tour de France

      After years of coverage dominated by scandals, the world?s greatest cycling race is back to being what it?s supposed to be: a messy spectacle of conflicting agendas, gamesmanship and feuds.

    • [0709magazine]

      Tea Totaller

      Tea obsessives are giving the fragrant leaves the kind of attention, and prices, reserved for wine. No doilies required. The Phenomenon

    • [0709magazine]


      In a battered market, Old Masters hold their value better than contemporary art. Case in point: Brueghel the Younger. How Much Is It Worth?

    • [0709magazine]

      Summer Essentials

      The must-haves for the year's hottest season. Fashion

    • [0709magazine]

      Caviar Dreams

      In the quest to replicate the richness of wild caviar, one aquaculture farm in Uruguay is perfecting the product. The Specialist

    • [0709magazine]

      Double Vision

      Steve Ehrlich's buildings, Onna Ehrlich's handbags ? the father-daughter duo share a sensibility that's at once modern and multicultural. The Partnership

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